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Tamara's Tips

Don't forget to BreathE --


I use crystals in my own personal growth, as well as for the healing properties they have. The following information has to do with two particular types of crystals: Amethyst and Rose Quartz.

Amethyst is a quartz crystal that is purple in color. It helps to develop your intuitive and psychic abilities. It is excellent for the "third eye" area of the body. Amethyst is also great to improve communication; both verbal and emotional. It is calming and healing.

Rose Quartz is a quartz crystal that is pink in color. It is considered the "love stone." It helps to hold it in your hand or near your heart. Rose Quartz promotes self love and helps heal a hurting heart. If the crystal gets warm quickly in your hand, it means you need that particular crystal. This applies to all types of crystals.

REMEMBER: All crystals need to be "cleared" periodically (every week or so.) This means placing the crystals on top of dry rock salt (preferably in a bowl) overnight. Throw the rock salt out after each clearing. Crystals absorb energies and emanate them back out at you. So clearing is important. If you don't have rock salt, at the very least run them under water. They also love the moonlight and rain!

Developing Your Own Psychic Abilities

Dream Journal:
Keep a dream journal. Our dreams are key to our subconscious. Write down exactly what occurred in the dream state at the moment you wake up. The alarm clock can make you forget your dreams quicker, so this may have to start with the days you sleep in. When your memory of dreams begins to develop stronger you can try this: Before going to sleep at night ask the universe or God to help you remember all your dreams. Also, as for an answer to a specific question or problem, and the answer should be given within your dreams that night or the next night.

Psychic Games:
Play a few "Psychic games", such as: Guess who it will be the next time the telephone rings. Guess how many seconds it will take for the elevator to arrive. When you feel more advanced: Take a deck of regular playing cards. For the beginning, just use 5 or 10 different cards. With a friend, one holds up a card away from the other over his or her forehead. The other tries to guess what card is being held away from him or her. These are all fun! And you really will improve.

Meditation is a strong key/tool toward inner awareness. I've heard many students and clients tell me that when they try to meditate, they often feel they're doing it wrong. Or they fall asleep. That's okay. It takes practice. Be patient. If you fall asleep, it just means you are relaxed and need the rest. It's a good thing. Through meditation, I have been sent wonderful peace and valuable confirmation of my work moving in the right direction.

Most of all: Trust your inner guidance. Sometimes we ignore feelings that we "should've done this" or listened to your first gut instinct. The first instinct is always accurate.

Tamara's Daily Recommendation:

Meditate for even just 5 or 10 minutes. It lowers stress and centers you all day long.

Be kind to yourself. Try to cut back inner dialogue that is detrimental or terrorizing to yourself. For example, sometimes if a loved one or family member is able to pick at us and emotionally beat us up we have the choice to continue that behavior in our own heads. I know there have been many times when I have repeated in my head over and over demeaning or terrible dialogue that somebody else has said long after they have gone away, or even passed away. It is valuable to learn to catch this and stop that behavior. You can begin to be your own best friend. This is the most difficult exercise, but the healthiest!

Before sleeping at night, be grateful for all that you have. This works even if you are worried about finances, love or anything else. Being grateful for all that I have is part of my personal prosperity.




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