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Tamara the accurate psychic and clairvoyant - Featured in newspaperArticle

The following is an excerpt from an article printed on October 30, 2005 in Ventura County Sunday Star Arts & Living Section (

'An energy'

Medium Tamara, says spirits appear to many of her senses, and she has trained herself to distinguish what's a dream and what’s coming from "beyond."

"It's like  images or giggling," Tamara said. "It's more like a thought. An energy."

She has seen images that are not unlike the see-through projections inside the Haunted House at Disneyland, she said.

"There are certain areas where it's difficult for me to be around, like cemeteries," she said. "It's very crowded."

Anita, 51, of Sacramento is among the 200 or so people for whom Tamara has done readings over the past 10 years. Berger found Tamara on the Internet (at when she wanted to contact her father, an airline pilot who was shot in a U.S. hijacking in the 1960s, when Anita was 9.

"Tamara said, I’m seeing a long hall with lights on the floor.' " Berger said of Tamara’s reading. "She said, 'What is that? "

Berger's dad had installed night lights along the bottom of the hallway where she grew up so that Berger wouldn't have to find the bathroom in the dark in the middle of the night.

"She (Tamara) mentioned we have a couple of freckles in the same place," Berger said. "I have one on my temple and that's where he had his."

Tamara did not pick up the violent way he died, but she did report that she saw a man in uniform.

"The dead can appear any way they like, wearing anything they like", James Van Praagh said.

So, does that mean that, after death, a person can reappear, say, 30 pounds lighter or with a full head of hair?

"That's why they call it heaven, honey," Van Praagh laughed.




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